Extra Strength CBD Hemp Tincture


We live in Maine, and most of us are more active than the average American. From that, we can assume there is an above average dose needed for our people. We’ve packed a full 1000MG of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil in to each bottle and suggest between a half and one full dropper up to 3x daily.

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Full Spectrum refers to the process in which we extracted CBD Oil from our Maine Grown Cannabis Hemp. Instead of using harsh chemicals or extensive heat exposure, we process premium hemp into oil with the natural terpenes, flavonoids, waxes, chlorophyll and lipids still intact. Our Hemp is organically grown in Maine and produces the cleanest and most potent tinctures possible. We are committed to providing a superior product with conscious decisions behind our ingredients and mission. MCT Oil is commended for its’ cognitive function improvements as well as overall circulatory system benefits. Known as a carrier oil, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) brings our Full Spectrum cannabis hemp CBD with it along the journey throughout the body. Fully FDA compliant, we ensure raised standards from the minimum for safety and quality. East Coast CBDs is here to be a helping hand in your plant medicine journey and nothing less.


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