Regular Strength CBD Hemp Tincture


Embark on your journey with alternative plant medicine by starting with tincture. An effective and accurate way to get your daily dose of CBD, our potent formula contains 550 MG of Full Spectrum CBD per bottle. We recommend half to one full dropper up to 3x daily depending on your needs.

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East Coast CBDs has long been trusted for our Maine Grown Clean Cannabis Hemp Oils. We are fully compliant with FDA regulations and ensure our products are not only safe but have the potential to help others. When perfecting our recipe, we looked for the best quality options to carry premium CBD throughout your system. We use organic MCT Oil for its’ cognitive and energetic benefits, along with its’ complexity of compounds to carry cannabinoids to every part of your body and where it’s needed. A potential act of service from medium-chain triglycerides is promoting weight loss for example. MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, break down quickly to not store fat, release hormones for feeling full and content and works with the good cholesterol in our body. Only using our certified organic cannabis hemp promotes an optimum positive outcome. These are the conscious choices that push us to the finish line on quality and effective products, every time.


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