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Setting the Narrative

East Coast CBDs has always put our customers first. We want our story to include you and for your story to include us. Whether it be due to lifelong challenges or a recent hardship that you’re ready to seek out natural products, East Coast CBDs is here to ensure you have access to medication made from an organic cannabis plant. We go above and beyond for every customer to meet your level of required attention, taking the time to right-fit you with a CBD product that works for your needs. Additionally, we could never forget about our furry friends who deserve only the best CBD dog treats to assist their bodies in living the best life possible.

CBD Owner in Central Maine

Meet Trevor

Owner of East Coast CBDs, Trevor, initially took the leap into this industry because he’s always stood behind how the benefits from cannabis greatly improved his life. He quickly realized the vast number of others he could help by opening and operating a business that offered quality medicine. Living with his partner, who is an outpatient cancer care nurse, they share the vision that cannabis helps her patients and countless more with the everyday struggles of illnesses and ailments! Trevor takes pride in playing an active part in the Maine cannabis community. He loves to share his experience finding the many benefits of CBD with everyone he meets. To him, there is no better feeling than making a difference in someone’s life. His love for all customers shines through during every interaction, resulting in genuine conversations about their health and how East Coast CBDs’ products can truly help. He is here for the patients. They are his #1 focus.

Hemp Grown "The Maine Way"

East Coast CBD is immensely proud of the high standards we hold ourselves to when it comes to every aspect of our business, starting with growing clean and healthy plants without the use of pesticides or other harsh chemicals. Everything that goes into soil becomes a part of your end result. We use only organic materials in order for all of our plants to reach their fullest natural potential. After all, you get out of anything only what you put into it! Our entire mission at East Coast CBD is to help our patients by crafting the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products available in Maine, and offering them at a price that’s attainable. We receive testimonials from our community regularly affirming our success in this mission so far!

Maine hemp and CBD Tincture with Molecule

See How We Can Help

Wholesale CBD products
A Different Wholesaler

East Coast CBDs is eager to offer our products to absolutely everyone who’s wanting to experience the potential benefits of CBD; something that millions testify for each day. Hemp flower Cannabidiol is finally fully legal according to the Federal government, making it possible for us to reach people outside of our beautiful home state of Maine. Let’s talk about being your newest CBD Wholesaler.

CBD Products
Better Methods, Better Products

There’s nothing more important than clarity. We grow our plants responsibly, without the use of harmful pesticides or unnatural chemical fertilizers which leads to the best possible products. Whatever option you find that fits your situation best, from topicals, to tinctures, to a tightly rolled hemp cigarette to relax, we guarantee its’ pure derivation. Let East Coast CBD help you improve your health!

Coming Through for You

We’re here for the customer, by the customer. East Coast CBDs couldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our loyal customer base! We can’t thank you enough and are so excited to welcome new members to our family. As a resource for all things CBD cannabis, we ask you to not hesitate in reaching out with any questions or inquiries about our CBD products! Our ringer is on, with the volume maximized.