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East Coast CBDs couldn’t be more proud to say we’re from Maine. The culture of genuine kindness for your neighbor and doing things the right way just because carries over to our business. We have respectful and responsible standards starting with seeds and ending with your choice of CBD medicated products. From our CBD dog treats to our organic CBD topicals, we are confident the selection we carry includes something for any member of your family courageously battling physical or mental illnesses.

  • Doggy Strength Tinctures/Treats
  • Topical Lotions
  • Hemp Cigarettes

This list is an example of a few products we carry, but we are fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our loyal patients. We will find a product that works for you regardless if we make it all the time. You are our focus!

Local and Connected to Mainers

Our name has been around for a while, which is why so many people already trust their health to East Coast CBDs’ safe and quality products. While still catering to the loyal customer base we love, it is exhilarating to share our life’s purpose with as many people as we can across the state and beyond! We pride ourselves on being a kind and effective resource to anyone in the community who is seeking education around CBD and its’ potential benefits. We are here providing answers and safe products to test the warm waters and healing power so many have experienced from the cannabis plant.

Why CBD?

We watch our friends, family, and neighbors searching for answers and remedies to common struggles such as anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. Having a safe alternative to prescription medications may be the key to a lot of those answers. East Coast CBDs is humbled to be recognized as using fully organic hemp flower and strives each day to maintain the highest standards for our products. CBD is shown to work with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (or ECS) to reduce the lurking and unsuspecting root cause of so many health issues: inflammation. Luckily, our fur-babies have their own ECS that is shown to function similarly to ours! This means you’re able to offer your dog the same relief you’ve been able to experience while dosing with CBD.

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Wholesale CBD products
Growing East Coast CBD

If we are going to continue reaching the largest number of customers attainable, we need your shop’s commitment. By only working with businesses who align with our message of helping anyone you can, we see a bright and long future of serving our community in the battle for health. As a fully compliant cultivator, our hemp flower products can be on your shelves regardless of your role in the community. See how to work with us!

About Our CBD Company
Changing the Game

Even in modern society, there are still mindsets out there that anything deriving from the cannabis plant is taboo. East Coast CBD is working every day to spread our message, along with our line of safe products, to new customers for everyone to have a close friend benefiting from CBD. Our entire business was founded on helping our neighbors. Learn about East Coast CBD and how we live up to our own standards!

Reaching Out a Hand

Our mission is to assist in your journey to best-case scenario health, because it is our belief that anyone can get there. We’ve seen miracles happen from CBD use and fully stand behind the cannabis plant as a whole. East Coast CBDs is committed to being present and supportive to our customers at any point in their path! Our door is always open as so often said, and we actually mean it.