Wholesale Quality CBD Products

Selling wholesale CBD from our Unity, ME location

Satisfaction Made Standard

In this industry, showing each customer the level of investment you have in their success is most important. East Coast CBDs was started and reinvented with the same goal at the forefront: to help people. In the least cliche way possible, we want to ensure each one of our wholesale clients and individual customers alike are impressed by our true dedication to their end game. Put your trust in East Coast CBDs, and give us a call.

Empowering Healing, One Business at a Time

East Coast CBDs is committed to sharing our trust for natural and organic cannabis, specifically CBD products. Our customers have seen and reported amazing physical and mental improvements when the right dose of product is utilized. It's our mission to help as many people as humanly possible with our life-changing, organic hemp-derived CBD. Being able to wholesale CBD has been monumentally beneficial to that mission. Taking our full line of products to new markets means so much more than expanding our wholesale clients. From the East Coast CBDs family to yours, nothing could possibly bring us more joy than knowing our Maine-made tinctures or CBD dog treats has helped one of your own - near or far, two legs or four.

Creating Well-Rounded Relationships

Working with East Coast CBDs to provide your customers with top-shelf CBD products entails more than just a black and white transaction on paper. We pride ourselves on making the process genuinely friendly and transparent. Our responsibly grown-in-Maine hemp flower puts our brand ahead in setting the standard in the industry from products to practices. Aligning yourself with East Coast CBDs shows your customers how conscious you actually are when vetting your inventory and where it comes from. Whether your average purchase is narrowed to some topicals and dog treats, or you need a wide variety and large quantity for your shelves, trust our team to keep your customers medicated.

Benefits Of Wholesaling With Us

We watch our friends, family, and neighbors searching for answers and remedies to common struggles such as anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. Having a safe alternative to prescription medications may be the key to a lot of those answers. East Coast CBDs is humbled to be recognized as fully organic and strives each day to maintain the highest standards for our products. CBD is shown to work with your body's natural endocannabinoid system (or ECS) to reduce the lurking and unsuspecting root cause of so many health issues, inflammation. Luckily, our four legged friends have their own ECS that is shown to function similarly to ours! This means you're able to offer your pet the same relief you've been able to experience while dosing with CBD. Contact us today for more information at sales@eastcoastcbds.com