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The Benefits Of Using East Coast CBDs Products

CBD, or Cannabidiol, has been reported to promote relief for symptoms of illnesses like anxiety, depression, or PTSD, and also improve sleep among users. CBD offers all of these health benefits without worrying about getting ‘high.’ So, if you’re asking: ‘does CBD make you high?’ — we have your answer. You, in fact, will not get the sensation of being ‘high’ from CBD since it does not contain the same mentally interactive element as THC.

If you’re wondering about CBD vs. THC, tetrahydrocannabinol is another known cannabinoid popular for its psychoactive effects in cannabis. This cannabinoid is what can give you a high feeling or a euphoric pleasure state. You will find this feeling with using THC, but not with CBD.

In this article, get to know the benefits and specifics of CBD products offered at East Coast CBDs. This online brand has always put its customers first by ensuring their access to medications comes from clean and natural cannabis plants. It caters to various customers, from human friends to pet friends.  

East Coast assures our products’ 100% quality CBD content as we do not use any harmful pesticides or unnatural fertilizers. With our way of growing, you are guaranteed to have the best and most pure products.

Let’s take a closer look into three of the options East Coast CBDs has to offer.

CBD Hemp Lotion  

hemp products - CBD lotion

Experiencing bodily pain? The CBD Hemp Lotion could help you relieve that. It’s a CBD topical that works because of additional natural ingredients to help your skin absorb the medicine. Studies suggest that once absorbed, CBD relieves aches and pains.

The CBD Hemp Lotion parades itself for having nutrient-rich ingredients that make it safe for any type of skin. A 300 mg of Full Spectrum CBD is incorporated in every jar of this Hemp Lotion. Other ingredients are beeswax, lemongrass essential oil, Hemp seed oil, and sodium borate; all are safe and natural.

This CBD Hemp Lotion also has two strength variants: Regular strength and Extra strength. The regular one can handle minor aches and pains, while the extra is formulated for patients with severe and extreme pain events.

Happy Hip & Joint Hemp Doggy Treats  

CBD dog treats

East Coast CBDs recognizes that humans aren’t the only species that could benefit from CBD, so we also made treats for dogs. This Happy Hip & Joint Hemp Doggy Treats assists your four-legged furry friends to have a healthy and strong body.

Other than that, East Coast CBDs has found out that dogs’ bodies are similar to humans when it comes to interaction with CBD. CBD has been reported in multiple studies to naturally improve your pets’ anxiety, insomnia, pains, and aches. You and your doggy friends can rest more easily with this Doggy treat from East Coast CBD.

Every Happy Hip & Joint Hemp Doggy Treats bag has 64mg of Full Spectrum CBD, all organic and natural. Additional ingredients are pumpkin, eggs, hemp seed oil, glucosamine, and salmon fish oil. These elements are all well-formulated to make the taste appropriate for dogs’ appetites.

CBD Hemp Tincture  

CBD Hemp Tincture

Looking for a product to start your alternative plant medicine journey? Well, this CBD Hemp Tincture will be just right for you. This bottled product is an extract containing 550mg Full Spectrum of CBD that could give you active and cognitive benefits.

East Coast CBDs curates this Hemp Tincture to reach your body where it’s needed. With its quality and premium formula, guarantee yourself an effective CBD Hemp Tincture. Moreover, East Coast  CBDs recommends having half to one full dropper of this tincture three times a day to treat your given ailments.

Shop Maine’s Finest CBD with East Coast CBDs

East Coast CBDs is one of Maine’s most trusted natural cannabinoid producers. The company has been compliant with the law and regulations to guarantee that all the products are safe and effective. Surely, the three products above are just among the company’s best quality offerings. So, what are you waiting for? Shop with East Coast CBDs now.