Extra Strength CBD Hemp Lotion


Sometimes, regular isn’t enough, and that’s fine. We came up with an extra strength formula for our more intense pains from any type of activity. With 500mg Full Spectrum CBD per 2 oz. jar, this potent lotion has been reported to take care of a high degree of pain. Our products are organic, natural and our hemp is grown organically right in Maine.


The ingredients label is sometimes not taken for full value. Using not only Full Spectrum CBD, we additionally chose complimentary ingredients to ensure our top-shelf quality is shining through each batch. Hemp seed oil acts as a moisturizing agent as well as a carrier oil for CBD to absorb into your system. Organic beeswax is a natural moisturizer and treats a variety of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Sodium Borate is a natural emulsifier, to disperse all the beneficial ingredients. Lemongrass essential oils are used for many things like in this case, anti-inflammatory purposes. CBD has helped countless people by working naturally with the part of the brain that is thought to interact with cannabinoids and expectedly works differently for our unique bodies. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to using CBD, so we have options!

8.3 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per mL

500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per jar

60mL / 2 oz.


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