Hemp Cigarettes


Rolled with 100% Maine grown, clean cannabis hemp for your daily dose of Full Spectrum CBD. These hippie-approved hemp cigarettes contain approximately 70MG per gram of rolled flower. They are non-addictive and are rolled with biodegradable filters and natural wraps. Each pack comes with a dozen (12) pre-rolled cigarettes.

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Smokeable CBD is a preferred method by many, from old school folk to the young, alternative crowd. Something about lighting up and relaxing the stressors away that keeps so many going back for more. Using our natural and unbleached wraps, we roll up a tight roll of clean and Full Spectrum CBD flower. To enhance the smoking experience, a biodegradable filter is placed at the mouthpiece stopping any scooby snacks. We pride ourselves on offering a non-addictive alternative to smoking tobacco products that actually benefits you. CBD can be related to a vitamin in a few ways, one being that even if you don’t see significant improvements, there are no potentially scary side effects. Using a medicine to quit smoking or for anything comes with risks disguised as side effects, where as naturally grown CBD only has potential to help. People report CBD to help with physical ailments such as muscle and joint pain by working from the inside out to target the source. When it comes to mental and emotional distress, CBD can also be great at managing those symptoms like anxiety.


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