Maximum Strength CBD Hemp Lotion


Do you have intense chronic pain, skin ailments, or need recovery and in turn require something a little stronger to help ease it away? We’ve got you covered with our Maximum Strength CBD Hemp Lotion. This small but mighty package comes equipped with 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD per 2 oz. jar. Completely cater your treatment with the ability to decide location and frequency of application.


Unlike commercially produced lotions, we craft ours in small batches ensuring the correct combination of Full Spectrum CBD, organic hemp seed oil, organic beeswax, lemongrass essential oils and sodium borate. Each of these carefully selected agents act in unison to help you fight pain. Hemp seed oil is an amazing moisturizing agent as well as a carrier oil for CBD to absorb into your system. Organic beeswax is also a found-in-nature moisturizer, that doesn’t clog pores while rejuvenating and increasing blood circulation of skin cells. Sodium borate sounds like a chemical but its naturally occurring in nature and keeps all the ingredient wellness together. Lemongrass essential oils are long trusted and has a list of benefits itself. We have worked hard to provide a wide variety of strengths to service each and every one of your situations. With this formulation having double the power of our extra strength, it is well suited for intense chronic pain and recovery.

16.6mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per mL

1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per jar

60mL / 2 oz.


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