Regular Strength CBD Hemp Lotion


Fast acting and accurate to pain, our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Lotion is potent and perfect for everyday aches or pains. A nutrient-rich formula, easy to lather on, and safe for most any skin type, this organic topical has 300mg of Full Spectrum CBD in every jar.


For those hard to ignore and acute pains, a CBD topical can be super effective in quickly relieving some symptoms stemmed from inflammation. Our lotions work by containing moisturizing ingredients to help your skin absorb plant medicine goodness. With organic and natural ingredients that go into each small batch, they include: certified clean Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, organic hemp seed oil, organic beeswax, organic lemon grass essential oil,  and sodium borate(natural emulsifier). We never use artificial anything, phosphates, or filler materials like commercial lotions. Working collectively, CBD is able to effectively  penetrate deep down to the ache or pain because you target the affected area. Being able to completely personalize your treatment from strength down to a pinpointed location is ideal for these types of ailments. Our regular strength version contains 300mg per jar and is enough to handle minor battles. For more severe pains and more extreme physical exertion, our extra strength is a better choice.

5mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per mL

300mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per jar

60 mL / 2 oz.


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